Welcome to Statewide Real Estate. We’d like to introduce you to our staff. There’s Gary – he owns the business, believes in motivational speakers and is currently battling with his ex-wife for custody of his young son. Here’s Stan – struggles every month to make targets, dates on the internet and is always late. This is Hilary – she’s ambitious and has a ‘billboard’. Say No More. At reception you’ll find Mandy. She’s young, smart, has a sadistic streak a mile wide and is ‘really hot’. Finally we have Anthony. He’s married to Jen and has a precious four year old daughter. Anthony just can’t see the point… of any of it… and hasn’t been able to for a long time.

SOLD explores the world we live in – a world so compressed by globalization, privatization and diminishing financial security that we wind up simply just trying to meet the mortgage repayments rather than having time to follow dreams, stop wars or be outraged about what is happening around us. The new religion of the times is ‘positive thinking’. So how do we reconcile this new religion with the real world around us?

Sold by Suzie Miller

1st February – 3rd March 2007 @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre

Tamarama Rock Surfers and The Old Fitzroy Theatre

Presented by The Uncertainty Principle

Cast & Creatives

Featuring Andrea Demetriades, Alan Flower, Ryan Gibson, Catherine Moore, Wendy Strehlow and Adam Booth

Directed by John Sheedy

Set and Costume Design by Brad Clarke

Lighting Design by Chris Twyman


“To reveal the gulf between aspiration, personal fulfilment and reality, Miller and director John Sheedy make boldly non-literal choices with theatrical form and production emphasis.” Sydney Morning Herald