Some Explicit Polaroids

Some Explicit Polaroids

How did we get from there to here… and where do we go now? Generations, causes and values collide as the lives of an ex-con, a gay man, a Labour councillor, a lap dancer, a pinstriped capitalist and a Russian good-time toy boy become irrevocably interwoven in this provocative urban fairytale.

After serving a 15 year jail term, anarchist Nick discovers that the world has changed, while he has not. With none of the old causes, friendships and foes to anchor him, Nick drifts into the hedonistic world of designer drugs and partying, in which a generation’s natural idealism has become subordinated to corporate obedience and trash culture.

Some Explicit Polaroids presents us with punchy snapshots of contemporary life, loss and desire, which pulsate with energy, placing disparate, disaffected characters – each uniquely under the constraints of ‘the system’ – on a collision course, as they each search for the illusive happy ending.

Some Explicit Polaroids by Mark Ravenhill

29 March 2006 to 22 April 2006

Darlinghurst Theatre

Cast & Creatives

Featuring Christian Barrett-Hill, Genevieve Hegney, Gibson Nolte, Rebecca Smee, and John Turnbull

Directed by John Sheedy

Set and Costume Design by Dane Laffrey

Lighting Design by Luiz Pampolha

Sound Design by Max Lyandvert


“a superbly well-acted and designed production that obliterates the distinction between fringe and mainstream theatre.” Sydney Morning Herald
“John Sheedy effortlessly translates this British political commentary to the Sydney stage with the themes sadly being still prevalent to this locale.” Australian Stage