Far Away

Far Away

Caryl Churchill has been at the forefront of world theatre for three decades. With plays such as Cloud Nine, Serious Money, Mad Forest and Blue Heart she has simultaneously taken the political pulse of the times and stretched our notions of what a play can be. Her miniature masterpiece Far Away once again defies category and precedent.

Set in an unnamed totalitarian state in the near future, Far Away draws disturbingly on our recent memories of conflict – Bosnia? Northern Ireland? Iraq? – and combines this with an Alice in Wonderland fantasy world in which the familiar is made strange and the strange, familiar. Marked – as always – by Churchill’s brilliant and evocative language, the play climaxes in one of the most remarkable soliloquies in modern theatre. Far Away is an exhilarating challenge to the mind and emotions.

Far Away by Caryl Churchill

16 August 2008 – 31 August 2008 @ Playhouse Theatre

Black Swan State Theatre Company

Cast & Creatives

Starring Angela Punch McGregor with Katie Dorman, Stuart Halusz, Catherine Moore and Freya Tingley

Directed by John Sheedy

Set & Costume Design by Bryan Woltjen Lighting Design by Matthew Marshall Sound Design by Kingsley Reeve

“…the parade sequence will shake you, and it will stay with you for a long time. Images such as these are not common in the theatrical oeuvre, commonly left for film, and this sequence is both filmic and theatrical, absurd and horrifically familiar, and a credit to both Churchill and the vision of director, John Sheedy.” Australian Stage
“That startling, shocking collision of the everyday and the extreme is elicited from every aspect of this highly polished, thrillingly precise production by director John Sheedy. Some of the most beautiful, troubling and memorable moments of the theatrical year.” The West Australian